Ingrid Bell

Ingrid Bell is an artist/printmaker and art therapist. She has exhibited worldwide and participated in numerous juried printmaking shows.

From 1983-85 Ingrid studied woodblock printmaking in Japan, having been awarded the Japanese Monbusho scholarship. From here she travelled to Denmark where she has many works in private collections and corporate businesses.
After a stint of time in Spain, producing works and exhibiting, Ingrid returned to Copenhagen where she promoted both national and international artists through her own ‘BellFree’ gallery’.

Born in Wolverhampton, Ingrid now lives and works in Edinburgh as a practising artist/art therapist and is producing work for both independent and group shows.

Her current work explores the idea of personal environment and memory, most significantly the impact of cultural history in an ever changing world.

She combines elements of multicultural reference and the changing industrial landscape.
Some of the images are taken from a 16mm b/w film Ingrid made in the 1970’s. These were freeze framed into stills and then transformed by adding other images.

Technically the predominating medium lies within silkscreen although the prints themselves can be combinations of the different forms of printmaking and are often one- off unique pieces.

She believes the emotional complexity of containing multicultural history is increasingly a more universal experience. It is something of these ambiguous experiences she shares with us through the medium of printmaking.

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    by Ingrid Bell