Mary Modeen. The Absolutely Other

Date: 18 January - 15 March 2014

Preview. Friday 17 January 2014, 6-8pm, Free
Artist Talk by Mary Modeen. Printing the Enigmatic. Saturday 18 January 2014, 2-3pm

This installation of prints features work made up of overlays of visual memory that mix landscape and suggestions of witnessing. These are layered together to suggest forms of awareness in which landscape and metaphysical states share equal attention. Printmaking processes lend themselves to ways of working where the image is constructed in layers, and it is this approach to process in these works that allows them to produce complex, subtle but interwoven images with rich associations of places and time. We usually ‘see’ by looking outwards; but in these images the external world merges with the internal life of the mind. Qualities of other places and other times merge together in colourful harmonies and poetic association. This exhibition includes new work commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.

Watch the interview with Mary Modeen HERE!
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