Firedamp: Revisiting The Flood

27 January - 15 April 2017

Time: Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm

Price: Free

Through installation, sculpture and printmaking Caulfield’s work considers the ways our environment is transformed by forces of urban and industrial growth. The visual images and environments he creates blur boundaries between the biological and the technological, the organic and the mechanical, and challenge viewers to consider the implications of this merging.

Central to his work is the role that society, community and the individual has in the moment of change. Focusing on broader themes of mutation, metamorphosis, and regeneration involving both the landscape and the individuals that inhabit it, he aims to raise challenging questions for viewers about the role they play.

Caulfield will transform the main gallery in Edinburgh Printmakers, covering the entirety of the wallspace with expansive woodcuts. This ambitious exhibition will move between abstraction and representation, fluctuating between microscopic and macroscopic readings, whilst engaging with our contemporary reality, in which advances in technology are rapidly changing our relationship to the natural world, biology, and our own bodies.

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Artist's Talk

Sean Caulfield will discuss the ideas and inspirations behind the work in his latest exhibition, Firedamp: Revisiting The Flood. 

Official Preview 

Edinburgh Printmakers welcomes all to join us in celebrating the launch of Sean Caulfield's exhibition, Firedamp: Revisiting The Flood.

Talk: Sean Caulfield and Paul Harrison

Sean Caulfield will be joined by Paul Harrison, a fellow artist and academic. The pair will talk about their work and their common interests in biology, technology, and the overlap between the two.

Branching Out: A Guided Botanical Drawing and Linocut Workshop

Branching Out is a two-day masterclass comprising of a guided drawing workshop at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, which will then feed into a day of learning about and making linocut relief prints in Edinburgh Printmakers world-class print studio. “Branching Out” will give participants the opportunity to explore the themes and processes explored Sean Caulfield’s exhibition Firedamp: Revisiting The Flood.

Wood Engraving Masterclass with Angie Lewin

This masterclass with celebrated artist and prolific creator Angie Lewin offers a one-off opportunity to gain an insight into her practice.

Woodcut Linocut: Introductory Class

Explore ways of creating striking images with this simple yet powerful print medium process. Cutting images into wood or linoleum and inking up with colour can produce bold dramatic effects. No previous experience required.

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