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Explore the rich tonal qualities of mezzotint, from deep, velvety blacks to bright whites and everything in between. This technique produces magical results that can be detailed and realistic or stark and fresh.

Mezzotint is a process that allows one to create unparalleled tonal depth. Mezzotint is famous for having the richest, most velvety blacks of any printmaking process, but it also produces bright, glowing whites and every shade of grey in between. Before the advent of photography, this technique was used to reproduce oil paintings, and it can accurately show detail as well as giving chiaroscuro effects. In recent years a growing number of artists have revived mezzotint and are using it to produce new and striking prints.  

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  • 22 & 23 June 2019

Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5.30pm

Class size: 6 people

Materials: Included

Tutor: Jodi Le Bigre

Course Level: 2 star, intermediate

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More about the course

Technically speaking, mezzotint is an intaglio process in which, as with engraving and dry point, a metal plate is worked into directly, without the use of acid. During the course, participants will learn how to prepare and ‘rock’ their plate, and then how to scrape and burnish the plate to achieve a range of tones and textures, and finally how to produce quality prints from the plate.

The course will cover the following topics:

-       introduction and overview of the process

-       plate preparation with discussion of different effects that can be achieved using different rockers and rocking techniques

-       transferring images onto the rocked plate

-       scraping and burnishing

-       paper preparation

-       inking up the plate and printing, safe use of the press

-       clearing up after printing

-       introduction to studio practice and working in the studio after the course