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Drawn and Painterly Approaches to Etching Summer School

Full Price: £370 per week / £310 concession

In Drawn and Painterly Approaches to Etching, we will begin with etching drawing processes.  Our aim is to encourage an experimental and creative approach to etching, looking at drypoint, hard ground, soft ground and crayon lift.  Continuing to work on the same plates we will then progress to working with layering painterly etching approaches, aquatint, coffee lift and spit bite.  

Over the course of the week we will explore some alternative ways to ink and print the plates, using selective wiping, A la poupée colour inking, relief roll and using aspects of chine-collé collage.


This Summer School course runs from Monday-Thursday and comes with optional Free untutored workshop access on the Friday to complete any printing.

This Summer School course also comes with FREE associate membership of Edinburgh Printmakers until December 2019



Select a date:

  • 15 - 18 July 2019

Time: Monday - Thursday 10.15am - 5pm

Class size: 8

Materials: Included

Tutor: Jodi Le Bigre

Course Level: 2 star, Introduction

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More about the course

About the course:

Drawn and Painterly Approaches to Etching will explore a range of new processes and techniques that have been explored and developed at Edinburgh Printmakers. Our aim is to encourage an experimental and creative approach to etching. While keeping up our efforts to maintain a safer working environment and to avoid the more toxic products used in traditional etching, we are continuously researching alternative etching techniques and products to try to achieve the best possible results in the most efficient way. During the summer school you will be given an in-depth introduction into etching using the products that we have found to be the most successful, offering versatile, flexible ways of working with high-quality, dependable results.

The course aims to introduce you to the etching process from beginning to end – introducing you to a vast range of drawing and mark making techniques.

Topics include:

  • New products and processes We will begin with an introduction to ‘Baldwin’s Ink Ground’ (B.I.G.). This is the ground that we are currently using as a hard ground and also as a wet ground (an alternative to a traditional soft ground).
  • Alternative lift ground - positive mark making. Here we try an alternative to the "sugar lift" process, enabling us to paint and draw positive marks.
  • Acrylic resist aquatint We learn to use an acrylic resist aquatint, an alternative to the traditional aquatint
  • Safer mordants for biting metals We will examine the alternatives to using hazardous chemicals such as nitric acid, how to prepare the chemicals and relevant health & safety and environmental issues.
  • Inking Up and Printing Techniques We learn how much scope to there is to control your final artwork by using different inks and printing techniques
  • Editioning tips and advice We learn how to edition prints, looking at paper soaking techniques, different drying techniques. Tearing down paper and correctly numbering and signing an edition