EP Spaces: Aberdeen

We have acquired the top floor of an office block for our off-site residency programme that is large enough for other creative people to use on a temporary basis. It has massive potential for informal project spaces, artist studios, pop-up film/sound/music/dance studios, education spaces, and offices. 

EP Spaces invites notes of interest from artists, creative industries practitioners, collectives, performing artists, local festival partners, and arts/wellbeing charities in Aberdeen and the surrounding area who may be able to use this space for creative purposes. There is a concierge service and each space will be self-managed as well as any visitor access to your work space.

We are developing this residency project into EP Spaces with the aim of supporting the creative community at very low cost, transforming and animating each location into a creative hub, and providing subsidised workspace for creatives wherever EP Spaces pops up.

We aim to make EP Spaces affordable for a range of creative uses. Depending on the type of space and the end use, we will make a charge of between £30-£60 per month. You will need to become an EPS Associate Member of Edinburgh Printmakers to access this space; the cost is £10 per year. If you do not already have Public and Products Liability (PPL) insurance, we recommend you take out an A-N membership for £38 per year.

Please note this is a temporary rental. Minimum rental is one month. No commercial sales are allowed on-site, only donations can be taken for activities. Notice period one month.

The floor has lighting, electricity, running water, kitchen, and toilets. Personal furniture, equipment, exhibition/dividing boards, materials can be brought in and is stored at your own risk. There is a heavy goods lift. Available from 01 June 2018.

DATES: Available from 01 June 2018.
LOCATION: H1 Office Building, 4th Floor, Anderson Drive, AB15 6BY
SITE VIST & INFORMATION EVENT: Wednesday 23rd May, 14.15-16.15

If you are interested in potentially using this space, please contact Sarah-Manning Shaw, Programme Director:
Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR