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Ways of Seeing | Lecture by Catherine Baker

Date: 22 October 2015

Time: 6.30-7.30pm

Price: £5 or 2 for £8 (Free for EP members)

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This lecture responds to John Berger's highly successful 1972 BBC TV series and subsequent book entitled Ways of Seeing, from which this lecture series takes its name. This response examines ways in which the worlds of the artistic and the scientific can collide to explain the complex act of seeing and how we might move from 'seeing to knowing' as referred to by Ponty in his seminal text The Phenomenology of Perception

Through her own practice-led research Baker has investigated the relationship between the observer and the observed entity, a methodology made possible through inter-displiplinary collaboration, it is an ever-evolving practice that responds to time, place and an engagement with an ever-changing, fast-paced world. When we begin to understand, in general terms, the complex act of looking we can begin to understand the impact of suggestion, perceptual thresholds, the beauty of finite time and how the materiality of an artwork can embody such notions.  Streams of consciousness acts as layers that can only be understood in conjunction with each other to articulate an experience much in the same way that layers within print sometimes cannot or should not,  be fully understood in isolation. Baker will introduce some of her printworks that use pure scientific data to describe an experience of place using layering as a time significant process. In addition, she will provide an overview of the eye apparatus and the conditions in the world that bring about specific eye movements and how and why her research has focused on two specific movement types.

Catherine Baker is a Senior Lecturer at Norwich University of Fine Arts, with research foci including the relations between vision and drawing as a phenomenological contemplation responding to place as an anchor, and the interplay between perception and drawing. She has worked collaboratively with a neuropsychologist for the last 9 years exploring the neurobiology of eye movement control, and how these movements in themselves can become the metaphorical drawings.

Ways of Seeing

Edinburgh Printmakers acclaimed annual lecture series returns in 2015 with Ways of Seeing. This series of lectures will interrogate the broad scope of the arena of research which explores how we see, the limitations of human biology in interpreting information and the science of perception.

The aim of this programme is to explore the way in which we experience art and the wider world, and to generate discussion around what it means to look and expanded definitions of experientiality. Crossing boundaries between fine art, design and science, we hope to open a conversation with our audience about the the capabilities of perception, and the implications this has to the production of prints today, and the possibilities for print in the future.

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