Guided Tours

Landmarks - Wayfinding and Mark Making Trail

Date: 7 March 2015

Time: 3-5pm

Please note that places for the reception and the talks are limited.
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A participatory event inviting the audience to navigate a route through the area surrounding Edinburgh Printmakers’ current home on Union Street, to create a printed artwork.

Audience members will be given template of a composition conceived by the artist based on the area around Edinburgh Printmakers, which doubles as a map from which the participants navigate.
Along the route will be a series of print stations where a section of the composition can be printed, resulting in each participant creating their own unique artwork based on their experience.
This directly relates to Lemm’s practice of creating rhetorical graphic imagery from found navigational devices and asking the viewer to find potential narratives within the compositions.

Following the walking and printing trail, participants will be invited to a reception in the gallery at Edinburgh Printmakers where the artist will introduce a series of short talks relating to themes in the exhibition.

Speakers from 4pm:

Professor Tim Ingold - Chair of Social Anthropology at Aberdeen University
Will be speaking about his book "Lines" which was an influence in my research and thinking for the show.

Professor Allan Walker - Dean of School of Arts and Media, University of Salford
Will be speaking about his work involving Ledger art and Psycho-geography, key influences in my work.

Dr Alice Street - Chancellor's Fellow, Social Anthropology and Programme Director, Medical Anthropology at University of Edinburgh.
Will be speaking briefly about the Eigg residency and the Ethnograms project which I contributed to last year.