No Fixed Abode

Date: 8 November - 23 December 2014

Preview: Friday 07 November 2014, 6-8pm

 Watch: a FILM by Boabab Film about the project and an INTERVIEW by Summerhall TV

Edinburgh Printmakers is working in collaboration with The Big Issue to present No Fixed Abode, an exhibition examining the significance of home as a concept and the realities and challenges of homelessness.
Over the last few months, artists from Edinburgh Printmakers have produced artwork for this exhibition through engaging in dialogue with vendors from The Big Issue, and drawing inspiration from the high quality and deeply personal writings published in the Streetlights section of the magazine. No Fixed Abode highlights misconceptions and attitudes towards the homeless and vulnerably housed at a time of year that is often associated with generosity and kindness. Through this project, we hope to raise awareness of this complex and challenging issue and bring tangible benefits to those affected.


Image: Aleksandra Kargul - Fixed Abode, 2014, Waterless Plate Lithography