Alastair Snow micro-retro 1974-2018 evening view

Date: 23 November 2018

Time: 6-8pm

Price: Free

Edinburgh Printmakers welcomes all to celebrate the launch of Alastair Snow's solo exhibition, micro-retro 1974-2018 and the beginning of Edinburgh Art Festival 2018. Refreshments provided!

Former Edinburgh Printmakers Chairman Alastair Snow takes over our shop exhibition area with micro-retro 1974-2018 a collection of prints, photos, and paintings. Beginning with his 1974 etchings and following his career through to his present day colour studies, Snow's inter-disciplinary work is often underpinned with political intention. Tactile, rich oranges...lots to enjoy. 

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Alastair Snow: micro-retro 1974-2018

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