Date: 27 October - 31 March 2018

Time: Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm

Price: £10

To celebrate the exhibition From Paper to Gold, and Edinburgh Printmakers 50th Anniversary year, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a specially-made golden Artobotic in our shop space.

Artobotic is an art vending centred around making art accessible to the general public and encouraging ownership of art.

Eminent artists have been invited to contribute artwork in miniature format and their work is sold alongside emerging talent in the vending machines which vend ‘blind’ so nobody knows what they will receive until they open the box. This creates an exciting way for audiences to participate and also takes away a small investment in an artist’s work that will encourage them to investigate further. It also gives artists a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with leading artists in a project that aims to democratise art.

At this year’s Edinburgh International Festival (4-28 August 2017), five Artobotic machines popped up at secret venues all over town, loaded with artwork by emerging talent from across the United Kingdom and beyond. As organizer (and collagist) Denny Hunter, writes, “To kickstart the project, we invited leading artists like Kennard Phillips and David Mach, RA to contribute some photomontage and collage. As the machines vend ‘blind’ there is a chance that a member of the general public could own a piece of art by them and, hopefully in doing so, generate publicity for the project and, more importantly, our emerging artists.”

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