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The Art of Inhabiting Nature: Panel Discussion

Date: 28 July 2018

Time: 2-4pm

Price: Free

Please note this event is free but ticketed. You can reserve your place here.

Chaired by Gemma Lawrence, a Producer from Creative Carbon Scotland, this special panel discussion will include talks from Agarwal and several others.

  • Ravi Agarwal will reflect on how his art and environmental practice deals with complex ideas of nature as culture, politics and science.

  • Dr Norman Shaw, an artist and academic from the Scottish Highlands, will discuss the role of cultural perceptions of nature in the Scottish landscape.

  • Professor Emily Brady, a Professor of Environment and Philosophy at The University of Edinburgh, will examine the nature and role of ethics, responsibility and politics in contemporary ecological discourse.

  • Don O’Driscoll, a Property Manager for the John Muir Trust, will explore the role and practice of science and conservation models in protecting nature in Scotland.

Together they’ll explore the philosophical underpinnings of nature in our societies, examining our relation to it and how our conceptualisation of it influences the way we use it. The conversation will look at fresh ways we might respond to the deep environmental problems of today’s world, and how sustainability might stem from a kaleidoscopic cooperation between artists, scientists, cultural theorists and others. 

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