The Written Image

Date: 16 November - 21 December 2013

Preview (15 November, 6-8pm, FREE)
Events: The Spoken Image (04 December, 7-9pm, FREE. Please book)
Short Workshop: Make a precious book (14 December, 11am-4pm, £60/£45 concession)

Edinburgh Printmakers are working in partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library to launch a project that fosters collaborations between printmakers and poets. The results of these collaborations constitute the exhibition ‘The Written Image’, and demonstrate the rich variety and depth of creative stimulation engendered by cross-form exploration.  Printmaking and poetry are both art forms that use image as a means of conveying the artist’s ideas and intentions, and through these pairings we look at how image can be the vehicle that links and inspires artists across media.

Follow the process on the Written Image blog!

Artists involved: Ana Speedie, Anupa Jaikrishnan, Shelagh Atkinson, C. A. Hiley, Catherine Sargeant, Cat Outram, Chris Sleath, David Faithfull, Eoin Dallas, Anne Murray, Anne Forte, Frank Pottinger, Gavin Johnston, Gillian Murray, Hilke MacIntyre, Ian McCulloch, Jessica Crisp, Joyce Gunn-Cairns, Kittie Jones, Laura Gressani, Leena Nammari, Lesley Logue, Linda Kosciewicz Fleming, Lindy Furby, Norman Mcbeath, Matthew Simos, Mark Doyle, Morvern Odling, Nan Mulder, Pat Crombie, Paul Musgrove, Rona Manlean, Roos Dijkhuizen, Sarah Keast, Kelly Stewart, Alastair Clark, Susannah Stark, Susan Wilson

Poets involved: Stephanie Green, Brian Johnstone, Christine de Luca, Colin Donati, Colin Herd, Elizabeth Reeder, Gerry Cambridge, Janette Ayachi, Kathrine Sowerby, Ken Cockburn, Tom Pow, Michael Pedersen, Robert Crawford, Vicki Husband, Patricia Ace, Theresa Munoz, Nicky Melville, Stav Poleg, Richie McCaffery, Samuel Tongue, Diana Hendry, Paula Jennings, Dorothy Alexander , Pippa Little, Niall Campbell, Kevin MacNeil, Hamish Whyte, Donald Murray , Nalini Paul, Kathleen Jamie, Catriona Yule, Molly Beal, Rebecca Sharp, Anita John, Alexander Hutchison, Anna Robinson, Anita Govan

* Closed 22 December 2013 to 06 January 2014, Open again on the 07 January 2014

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