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Date: 11 May 2018

Time: 7.30-9pm

Price: Free

We’re delighted to be hosting a special screening event with Edinburgh Short Film Festival. Get ready for five short films, each dealing with the theme of travel in wonderfully idiosyncratic ways. What's more, the programme includes a special short film from one of Imi Maufe's residencies. Book your free ticket through Eventbrite by clicking here!

The film programme is as follows:


8 minutes
Director: Imi Maufe

Synopsis: LK243 UnderSail was produced during a residency undertaken by artist Imi Maufe on board the Swan during the Tall Ships Races of 2011. Sailing from Waterford to Ireland via Lerwick, Shetland to Halmstad, and Sweden, Maufe sailed as part of the crew, documenting the voyage through all conditions. Sections within the film draw from text pieces in the artist’s publication All Ships! Tall Ships! Maufe produced the artwork LK243 UnderSail Bunk Box upon returning to dry land. This art object is a bunk box full of books, prints and artefacts, and also displays the short film.

The film has been previously showcased whilst LK243 UnderSail Bunk Box toured in the following locations: An talla solias, Ullapool, Scotland, 2012; Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist, Outer Hebredies, Scotland, 2012; Northern Print, Newcastle, 2012; Galleri VOX, Bergen, Norway, 2012; IMPACT print conference, Dundee, 2013; Wordplay, The Mareel, Shetland, 2013; Doverodde Book Arts Centre, Denmark, 2014; Cley14, Cley next Sea, Norfolk, UK, 2014


15 mins
Director: Chuyao He

Synopsis: In this painfully truthful short, director Chuyao He captures the plight of working class Asians from the countryside left behind by an ever-advancing society.The film follows the struggle of a father and son as they adapt to working under ruthless conditions at a Christmas decoration workshop located in an unfamiliar big city.

Awards/Selections: Pennine Film Festival 2017; Trenton Film Festival 2017; Newark International Film Festival 2017


19 mins
Director: Damon Mohl

Take a surreal journey into the wilderness with explorers facing their fears, whilst traversing a frozen tundra. Filmed in locations all over Boulder County and in the Indian Peaks, the amazing cinematography is like a steam punk fever dream. The film acts as both a paean for a lost age of exploration and a celebration of the discovery of new expressively visual and dramatic horizons.

Awards/Selections: 50th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival 2017; Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest; Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest Winner: Best Short Film of the Festival; Best Cinematography; Best Experimental Film; Nominated: Best Editor, Director and Original Score


11 mins
New Zealand
Director: Ivan Barge
UK & European Premiere

Synopsis: Multi-award winning, deliciously dark comedy with novel use for a dead cat. On the way home from a job for his glamour portrait company 'Hotbods', Marcus runs over a cat. He discovers its young owner, Tilly, searching for it on the front lawn outside her house. To dodge the awkward situation, Marcus hides the body of the cat and consoles Tilly by telling her Madam Black has gone on a round-the- world trip. When Tilly asks for evidence, Marcus assures her Madam has sent a postcard, and promises to bring it to her.

Awards/Selections: Dances With Films 2015 Omaha: Industry Choice Award, Honorable Mention Competition Shorts; Rhode Island International Film Festival: Directors Choice Award First Prize; New Zealand International Film Festival Audience Choice Award; DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition 2016; Leeds International Film Festival 2015: Audience Award for Short Film; Gijón International Film Festival 2015: Youth Jury Award for Best Short Film; Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016; Cinequest Film Festival 2016; Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2016: Prix Du Public International Competition


11 mins
Director: Alessandro Palazzi
UK Premiere

Synopsis: Fresh from the Milan International Film Festival and the Budapest Short Film Festival, Gas Station is a fresh, engaging and wryly amusing comedy-drama. At night, the gas station becomes an impartial meeting-point where Jamal and Rashid, who stand in for the official gas station attendant, encounter people from all walks of life: from drug addicts to family men, from independent girls to undercover cops. They spend their lonely nights waiting for customers to come fill up their tanks.

Awards/Selections: Tampere International Filmfestival; Oldenburg International Film Festival; Milan International Film Festival; Rome Independent Film Festival; Festival Du Film Italien Contemporain; PFF-Pazmany Int Film Festival; Busho - Budapest Short Film Festival; Capalbio International Film Festival; Visioni Italiene Film Festival; Ischia Film Festival; Baznicu Nakts Riga; African Asian & Latin American Film Festival; Cinesogni; Riace Festival Delle Migrazioni; Shortini International Film Festival; Molisecinema Film Festival; Sedicicorto International Film Festival; Clorofilla, International Environment Festival by Legambiente; Religion Today Film Festival, Trento


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