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3 reasons to visit Edinburgh Printmakers with kids

If you have little ones, we know you’re always after new activities to keep them busy and inspire their young minds in Edinburgh. Here are three things that will do just that at Edinburgh Printmakers. 

1-  Sparking curiosity with EPScope 

The EPScope is a giant kaleidoscope. When children peek inside, they will see objects that were once made in the building when it used to be a rubber factory (hot water bottles, swimming caps, wellies…). When they turn the handle, these images will come to life. If they look all the way to the back of the kaleidoscope, they’ll also see a mirror that reflects what’s happening upstairs in our printmaking studio. They can have fun counting how many artists they can spot making prints. You can then go up to the top floor to have a look at the studio through the double glass door. 

Where? The EPScope is next to our Cafe. To have a peek into the studio through the glass doors, take the lift to “Studio” or go up the stairs behind the EPScope, through Gallery 2 and up one more flight of stairs. 

2- Making their very own print in Gallery 2

Once children have enjoyed spotting artists making prints, they can create their own prints in Gallery 2, thanks to our current exhibition “A Machine for Making Authenticity”. In addition to the beautiful prints on the wall, the artists worked together to design a ‘printing machine’. Children and adults alike can use the machine to create their own embossed prints. There are four different patterns and children will enjoy creating their very own prints to take home. 

Where? In Gallery 2 - Take the lift to ‘Gallery 2’ or the stairs from the cafe.

3- A spacious courtyard for kids to run free

If you feel like it’s time for a well-deserved break, our onsite cafe, Cafe Ink, has some tasty treats and healthy options too. It has a great outdoor space where children can explore freely while you relax. The courtyard even has a small garden where kids love to look at all the plants. 

Where? You can access the courtyard from double glass doors in the cafe. Take the lift to ‘Cafe’ or go up one flight of stairs from the Shop. 

If you’re planning a visit soon, here’s all you need to know before you come, including how to get here, where to park, what facilities we have and more.