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Black Lives Matters: Mural Trail

We are delighted to be one of a number of arts organisations throughout Scotland taking part in the Black Lives Matters: Mural Trail.

Initiated in response to the recent outpouring of support for the BLM movement the Mural Trail concept was created by Wezi Mhura as a way of offering a platform to Scotland's many diverse BAME artists to showcase work in public spaces.

The exterior of Castle Mills will feature the artwork of Adebusola Ramsay. The digital prints created will be the first produced in our Studio since lockdown, and we are humbled to be working in partnership with the other venues, artists and Wezi herself to help amplify the voice of Black Lives Matters.

Obfuscation of Reality Upholds White Supremacy, 2020 

How long has Black radical resistance been making possibilities for life free of systems of oppression and exploitation?  

How long has the institution of, and in, Scotland been involved in the building, managing, protection, extraction, exploitation and profiteering inherent in global systems of anti-blackness and racial capitalism? 

When will we act / build / love / move, like we know how to live without systems of oppression and inequality? 

There will be repair. To make a new world order with an ethics of care. 

In 2018, Obfuscation was painted reflecting on how we are conditioned into certain ways of thinking and our current oppressive modes of social ordering came to be and are maintained.  

Artist Biography

Adebusola Ramsay, born in Lagos, Nigeria, lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. An abstract artist, whose practice has developed over the last 20 years. Her art takes form in painting and printmaking, working mostly with acrylics and features evocative colour contrast and textural detail. She explores different forms of mark-making to create new perspectives in irregular line and colour patterns. Find out more about Adebusola by visiting her website here.

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