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Guest blog - Boroughmuir High School 6th Year Artists

Click here to watch a short movie about the making of the mural.

Recently Edinburgh Printmakers completed a heritage mural at Fountainbridge which celebrates the history of Castle Mills, our new building opening to the public in Spring 2019. Sixth year students from Advanced Higher Art and Design at Boroughmuir High School were one of the groups who helped us to create the eye catching mural along the canal-side round the corner from Castle Mills. Here are a few of their responses to working on the heritage mural:

Image credit: Ross Thomson

“While doing the mural I enhanced my understanding of the overall process and steps taken to making large scale art pieces. I found it interesting to understand all the thoughts that went into the mural and how they are representing the history of the building through a collage of art. It was interesting to learn how to scale up the original plans onto the wall, the different techniques to use, and how they were using materials such as rubber mats to create patterns – as to show the building’s history as a rubber factory. It was really fun working on such a large scale project with spray paint, as they are both things I haven’t done before and I feel that I have learnt a lot from this experience.” Rowan (6th Year Advanced Higher Artist)

“I had a lot of fun working on the mural, and really enjoyed creating something on a large scale as I had never done this before. I thought that learning the different methods of creating a mural with the spray paints, each with individual nozzles with individual functions was interesting and plenty of fun when we got round to using it on the wall. I thought that it was exciting to be the first people to work on creating something that hundreds of people will pass for many years. And I think I gained knowledge of painting with spray paints that I wouldn’t have got elsewhere. Overall, it was loads of fun and I will hopefully apply some of the knowledge I gained from the opportunity I was given.” Archie (6th Year Advanced Higher Artist)

“Learning how to scale up an initial graphic onto a large canvas was fun and valuable experience as I had never worked on a scale that large before. Using the spray paints and learning the different methods was also a good experience as it is a new medium I had never used properly.” Shayaan (6th Year Advanced Higher Artist)

“I enjoyed working on a very large scale which put me out of my comfort zone drawing on a big scale while standing up which I had never done before. Also working with spray paint was a lot of fun, experimenting with a completely different media that I was not very confident and familiar with. I realised how hard it was to work with spray paint as later on in the day my hand and arm started cramping but I would do it again. The instructors really helped a lot when we were struggling and not sure what to do, which helped me understand and become more confident with the medium.” Zulaa (6th Year Advanced Higher Artist)

Everyone at Edinburgh Printmakers had a really great time working with the teachers and students from all of the schools and community groups involved with the heritage mural, we would like to thank them for their time, enthusiasm and support in designing and creating the mural with artists Richie Cumming and Fraser Gray.