We offer professional exhibition quality archival inkjet printing services and large format acetate printing.

Our two large format Epson printers produce quality colour prints or transparencies 44" wide (110cm) and of unlimited length. Media comes on a roll and is costed per centimetre from that roll. We also have a laser cutting service and open access facility. Contact us for more information.  We also have a Lasercutter Laserscript LS1290Pro. Details of the Lasercutting charges are below.

Acetate Printing

Acetate separations are dense black and can be used in printmaking to produce quality screens or plates.

How to Guide

We have compiled a useful, easy to use guide in how to attach your files together in one document for acetate printing before sending through to our digital department. You can access it here.

Images for acetate

Images should be provided scaled, bitmapped if necessary for tone, and saved as a (.Tiff) or Photoshop GREYSCALE or BITMAP files . Multiple images should be laid out in one long file at scale, ( with each seperation pointing in the same direction) either 60cm or 110cm wide If you prepare your files before sending them to us, we can process and print them more quickly.

Rates for acetate printing

For ready-to-print files, we charge per centimetre based on the following rate. Our standard acetate is slightly milky but exposes as clear for silkscreen, litho and photo-etching and toyobo.

Standard Acetate: 44"wide (110cm) £28/m

Standard Acetate: 24"'wide (60cm) £16/m

Backlit film for lightoxes

We can also print in colour on backlit film for lightboxes, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can quote you. Files should be in RGB Adobe 1998 profile. Save a scaled and flattened version of the file (without layers) preferably as Tiff or Photoshop file.

Backlit film:  (90cm) £27/m 

Image preparation

If you require advice with your artwork it is possible to book time for filke set up and assistance. Prices start at £10.00. This may cost more, depending on the time spent assisting with file prep.


We have a Laserscript LS1290 lasercutter. Details of costs to use for members and non members can be downloaded here.

Paper Printing

The cotton rag artists papers we use are Arches Velin Museum Rag, Somerset Enhanced Satin and Hahnemühle Photorag. For photographic finish works we stock Canson Photosatin which has a slightly pearled luster finish and we also stock a full glossy paper for high sheen finish works.

Rates for Paper printing

We charge per centimetre so we can print any length. Prices shown are per metre as a guide.

61cm wide rolls:

Canson Photosatin Premium RC 270gsm: £32/m

Canson Photo Highgloss 315gsm: £30/m (discontinued - only while stock lasts)

Somerset Enhanced Velvet Radiant White 330gsm: £32/m

Arches Velin Museum Rag 315gsm: £40/m

Hahnemühle Photorag 188gsm: £35/m

Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm: £42/m

110cm wide rolls:

Canson Photosatin Premium RC 270gsm: £48/m

Somerset Enhanced Velvet Radiant White 330gsm: £50/m

Arches Velin Museum Rag 315gsm: £63/m

Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm: £68/m

Typical A sizes for paper prints:

A2 Canson Photosatin Premium RC 270gsm: £14

A2 Velin Arches Museum Rag 315 gsm: £16.80

A1 Somerset Enhanced Velvet 330gsm: £30

A1 Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm: £40.80

Members of Edinburgh Printmakers receive a further 20% on these prices.


Royal Mail delivery:

For small tubes (to fit 61cm acetates ), p&p start from £10

For medium size (wider tubes) for paper prints, p&p start from £15

For large tubes (to fit 110cm acetate), p&p start from £20 Prices can be quoted for courier costs according to size weight and destination

Preparing colour images

Colour files should be in RGB Adobe 1998 profile. Save a scaled and flattened version of the file (without layers) preferably as Tiff or Photoshop file.

Multiple images (incl. multiples of the same image) should be sent to us laid out in one long file at scale, either 60cm or 110cm wide depending on your choice of paper. If you prepare your files before sending them to us, we can process and print them more quickly.

Making an order

Upload your image to us using the link at the bottom of this page. Once we have received your file, we will check it and confirm the final cost with you by email. You then phone to pay by card and then, once we have received payment, we will print and post the tube to you or you can collect it from us.

Files should be sent ready to print at the desired scale and resolution.

Multiple images, or multiple versions of the same image, should be combined into one large file, ready to print onto either 60 cm or 110 cm wide rolls.

If you want us to set up your files there is a minimum charge of £5 or a portion of £35 per hour.

Print turnaround time

We can advise on timescale when you place your order. We receive files Tuesday-Saturday. Where possible we aim to print the same day we receive payment and usually within the week however when we have high demand this may take longer. If you have a tight deadline we may be able to provide you with an express service subject to availability/workload. There is usually an extra charge for express service.